Fly Away

watercolor wings

Today is rainy and grey, except for the trees which are covered with new leaves which are that bright lime green that only shows up in the early days of spring. My office is quiet and my motivation level is remarkably low, despite the pressing list of things I really ought to be barreling through.

Instead I am thinking about my treasured Second Life. I am focused on the build I worked on late into the night and again early this morning. I am planning an event for ImpIRL and a rez day party for a friend so my mind is racing with plans for organizing responses and lists of attendees. I am thinking about how to achieve an abundance of flowers, without resorting to sculpted prims that will take forever to rez when the number of avatars on the sim jumps. I am pondering music -- should I find a DJ or get someone to play live? OMG I need to photoshop an invite? That is something I should probably delegate, no? Sigh.

My mind is fully occupied with things I need and want to do. I am just not focused on the things I ought to be doing right now. I really want to fly away from this grey, dreary office.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

That is such a pretty, dreamy photo!! I love it!

Zippora Zabelin said...

I can relate so much to that feeling! And apparently I'm not the only one flying to her blog in that situation :D

Lizzie Lexington said...

This photo is so you!!!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Chestnut, come take a look at the mountaintop gardens at Whimsy. We make abundant use of those circular flowers-- low prim, and, properly placed, they look lovely. You can track down the makers by using edit, or IM me and I'll send you landmarks.