I am glad today is over

I could not get any decent photos in SL because the entire grid was a hot mess of f'd up so I looked through my flickr stream for a photo. This is old but reflects pretty accurately how I felt most of the day today.

Why you ask? Many reasons

Communication is hard under the best of circumstances.

Illness sucks

Unexplained, serious and frightening illness sucks even more

It has been raining so much here the ground is saturated and mold is growing on the mold. We have not seen the sun in ages.

People are killing people for reasons I can't comprehend.

Political fighting seems to be happening everywhere -- internationally, in my state, and even in SL. I see so much conflict and most of it is just stupid and unnecessary.

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Tomorrow will be better.



Zha Ewry said...

Knowing there is always tomorrow, and it will be better is such a blessing.
~ Z

Dale Innis said...

ohhh, snuggles...

Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

Hugs lady