Paint the Grid Purple Today!

We all have our cancer stories. Both my parents died from lung cancer very young. My children never knew their grandparents. Thanks cancer.

My neighbor Donna died from cancer a few months ago. When I see her sons waiting for the high school bus it breaks my heart. Thanks cancer.

I personally had a cancer scare a few short weeks ago. Fuck you cancer.

I am doing my part in the fight against this terrible disease by giving generously to RFL and working in my own home town by cooking meals for people who are sick. Give what you can. If money is a problem go hold the hand of someone who is ill or run errands for a friend caring for a sick relative. You will feel great and these small efforts mean a great deal. I would say doing something for a real live person with cancer is probably the best thing you can to to help.

One more thing. Please, please if you smoke. Stop. I know its hard. Harder than I can even imagine never having smoked. You know you should. I bet you want to stop too. I am looking you in the eye and telling you that you can quit. I know you can.

Show your support for RFL and wear purple on June 1st!

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