SL Blogger Challenge - I am going to try!

Alicia is repeating last years Big Bad Blogger Challenge. The idea is to blog every day between today and June 19th. It is a way to kick start a blogging slump (cough) and maybe introduce some new people to our blogs. I did not participate last year but this year I am going to try. Well as Yoda says "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." Well, ...umm....I am going to try.

The question for today is "How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?"

I started this blog in early November 2007. I started my Second Life June 16 of that year and yes, that means I am looking my second rez day straight in the face. By the fall I was spending lots of time inworld and reading lots of blogs when I could. I was a big fan of the Mean Girls blog and scoured the World of SL and the Fashion Feed, which were the only feeds I knew about at the time. I soon started to keep a private journal online and used it to try and make send of everything I was seeing and doing in SL. Eventually that private journal turned into Second Life of my Dreams.

Fairly soon after I started blogging I worked up a little bit of courage and shared what I was doing with Jellybean Madison. She liked my blog and talked it up some on her blog. Shortly after I met Crap Mariner who also supported my blogging. Having some positive feedback from people who wrote blogs with big followings I stuck with it, learning to write better posts and improving my photography. I started to meet people through blogging and I soon started to identify myself as a blogger, which was a change. I had never written anything besides a grocery list before blogging and the positive feedback I got was really affirming.

Fast forward to January 2009. Hamlet Au announced on New World Notes that he was looking for an events writer. I was terrified to try to write on a deadline and have my work on a blog that has so much visibility. At the same time I really wanted to give it a try so I emailed Hamlet and he offered me an audition post. After my audition post appeared Hamlet asked me to write the events posts on NWN and I am having a great time writing doing it on a weekly basis. The feedback I get is very positive so people actually read Chestnut's Choices and appreciate my work. Thank you to everyone who reads me here and over on NWN. I am grateful for every pair of eyes on my words.

So, how has blogging enriched my life? Blogging has introduced me to some of my best friends. It has allowed me to believe in myself and develop new skills. I always wanted to be a writer and now I guess I am one.

Since every blog post must have a photo I will share a picture of me that was taken right around the time I started this blog. I don't think I have changed too much, outwardly at least.

chestnut's new eyes

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Kimberlee said...

I completely SUCK! How did I #1 miss this post & #2 completely blank out on the BBBC!? Amazing! I <3 you Chestnut!