Sunday Sailing in Second Life

A few weeks ago my friend Delinda Dyrssen gave me this adorable boat called the Shelly Fizz. I am so impressed with how well it performs. The Shelly Fizz is dead easy to sail so if you ever wanted to learn to sail but were not sure you could do it, this is the boat for you. You can pick it up here for free. That is right. All yours for the price of a TP.


♥ Lolita ♥ said...

So last night I went exploring and I so picked up this boat! And I did it! I didn't crash or run over anyone. Thanks for sharing. =)

Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

This sim is lovely! Is it your home?

chestnut rau said...

Lolita I am so glad you got the boat and had fun with it!

Elizabeth, isn't it lovely? No its not my home. I put the boat in the water at the Nantucket marina and sailed for a long time. That island is a beautiful homestead sim that belongs to someone who took great care with the build. I don't even really remember the name of the sim. The whole area near Nantucket is very realistic and pretty.