Shane Kirshner at The Patio

My dear friend Rosie Barthlemess has opened a music venue called The Patio. It is the sort of place where musicians can grab the stream and play in a causal way. Rosie herself occasionally sings there when the mood strikes as well.

Early this morning Rosie sent me an IM to come down early for a set by Shane Kirshner. I have been feeling ill and was only too happy to drop the building project I was working on and head over to The Patio.

Shane plays acoustic guitar and sings and I really liked her voice. Her chat was amusing and personal enough to be engaging. There were close to 40 people in the sim, which is pretty impressive considering the performance was thrown together at the last minute, not advertised much, and it was 6am SL time. I really enjoyed the show, which was the perfect way to start off a slow Sunday morning. Check Shane out!

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