25 Group Limit - Redux

Monday morning in October_002

You often hear people complaining about the 25 group limit in SL. The tenor and volume of the complaints has subsided a bit now that group subscription services are available, but I still hear the complaints.

Today I left a group that I have been in for a very long time. It was an emotional thing, believe it or not. I did not want to leave the group, but sometimes things happen and its just time to go. So I opened the group tab, noticed all the powers that had been taken away from me without so much as a word. That confirmed it for me and I left the group. Sad, sigh. Done.

This little act got me wondering about groups. Why do we belong to in world groups? For me there are some that serve no useful purpose really, but I have an attachment to the people or maybe the group is a memory. A perfect example is M is for Myg, which is my friend Mygdala March's group. She is off in RL tending to her adorable twin boys and has not been around in world for ages. M is for Myg lays fallow and has been so for well over a year. Will I delete that group? Maybe one day, but not today.

How many groups do we really need? Since I have just admitted I hang on to some for emotional reasons it occurs to me that others do as well. Perhaps the 25 group limit is not a bad thing. I am pretty sure I would hold on to a lot of groups if I had the room. And, sometimes it really is time to just let go.


Krissy Muggleston said...

I understand exactly. I've indeed felt that emotion when leaving a group. "This is it.. - click"

Z is for Zippa said...

I once thought I needed more than 25, not so sure that is the case anymore.

Some groups I've left have given me the *same* emotional reaction. It's an end of an era and it does leave a mark.

Although I do realize some people do need more than 25. Especially musicians or other people who regularly "work" and need permissions on so many parcels of land.

I don't need more than 25 but with most things, I think being able to have the choice is what makes this so attractive to so many.

Mister Crap said...

I still feel bad when I get invited to a group and decline.

I need to teach myself to say no... and make them PAY for that angst.




Lauren said...

I think the 'emotional reaction' is to groups we've kept for a long period. As to whether we need them...no. And for my show I use a hippo group. But I do understand Chestnut

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

I've had to juggle around quite a few of my groups recently due to the increase in grid-wide hunts these past few months. A couple were groups I'd had for ages and just had to eventually look at them and say, "Nope... I can live without that one."

I know that these help greatly with communication but with the advent of message capping (and folks who choose -not- to let their messages go to email) is it really worth it?