Eyes are the Window to the Avatar Soul

I generally do not blog fashion as I am not qualified, interested, and do not nearly have sufficient ego or self esteem to be in the very scary world of fashion bloggers. Having said that, occasionally I come across something that makes me sqeeeee in dorky fashion delight. Today the squee heard round the sim was because of my new eyes from Poetic Eyes. These lovelies come with small, medium and large eyes in each set, which cost $200. I just love the complexity and depth of these eyes. Don't you?

These are medium size, ocean in midnight sea.

These are medium size, gold flakes in moonstone.

And while I am playing fashion blogger:

Skin: Curio Sundust Frex Dark Breeze - Mauve Mist 2 SURL
Lashes: Cake Flutter Lashes SLURl
Hair: Frangipani (unavailable)


Mister Crap said...

I'll stick to my lifeless, soul-less gear-eyes.


GoSpeed said...

Rolling back the time machine one year.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/gospeed_racer/2920934417/sizes/o/

Elusyve said...

These look beautiful on you... poetic eyes are some of my favs.. and I have spent a load on eyes. My trusty orange eyes are from there and I have never found another orange that is just "right" like they are. There are some other great eyes out there too, Curios tragic eyes look very promising

chestnut rau said...

Heya Ms Elusyve -- I am very sure I first heard of Poetic Eyes on your blog some time ago. I finally got around to wearing them today and then ran back over there to pick up more. Love, love love them.