Kazuhiro Aridian Talks About The Creative Process

White Lebed was the Art Director of Burning Life 2009 and she will be staying on with the organization in that capacity. Throughout the year she plans classes taught by some of Second Life's best artists and content creators. The first of these special events is tomorrow Friday 10/30 at 6pm with a class taught by the amazingly talented Kazuhiro Aridian, who built the otherworldly Berlin Stage, where the class will take place. A second class will take place on Sunday at the more euro-friendly time of noon SLT.

During this class, Kazuhiro will talk about the creative process that resulted in the build you see above. The plan is to talk in detail about the mechanical process of creating one part of the build and to guide the audience so they will be able to make something with the information Kazuhiro shares. So, if you ever had the desire to learn from one of SL's great artist this is your chance. After the class the intent is to turn the Berlin Stage build physical and destroy it, marking the end of Burning Life 2009 and the start of the AfterBurn period.

I had the opportunity to meet Kazuhiro at europa, the shop where you can buy creations made by this talented artist. Kazuhiro makes spectacular avatars, including this bi-ped I am wearing. I love how I retain my human face and at the same time am transformed into a robot-like creature. Kazuhiro's imagination and amazing technical skill are abundantly clear when you look at the details in this creation up close. I must apologize for the quality of these photos. I am in a bit of a rush so I will resort to the tired of cliche "you need to see this work for yourself, my photos don't do it justice." Follow the link to europa and you will be amazed, this I promise.

Kazuhiro has been creating in Second Life since 2005. The human behind the avatar is a college student who is studying illustration. Kazuhiro is self taught in 3D building and uses Maya as the tool of choice. Kaz told me building in Maya is "deceptively simple" and "it's a lot like cooking. first, you have to learn the recipe and follow the rules and measurements. once you make something that tastes delicious, you know how to modify your experience and apply it to other recipes."

While it may be true that with enough training and exploration, most people can learn to use tools like Maya. It is also true that the genius of Kazuhiro's work is the artistic vision and powerful ability the art has to evoke an emotional reaction.

You can read more about Kazuhiro here on Bettina Tizzy's blog and here on New World Notes. The photo below is Kaz and I when we chatted earlier today. I am very much looking forward to the class tomorrow. Join me there, won't you?

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I love the photo :) Beauty and the beast!