Skye Galexy - SL Musician You MUST Hear

This video is not the best but it gives you a tiny taste of Skye Galexy's voice.

It is not often I swoon when I hear a new musician in SL All I can say is Skye Galexy stopped me dead in my tracks and I was blown away. I cleared a spot and joined his group by the end of the first song I heard him sing.

Skye's voice is like honey. He sang How Soon is Now and I loved it. Yes. He sang Morrisey and he owned the song. Totally owned it.

Go.See.Skye. You can thank me later.

ETA: Skye just sent a "CD" of original songs to his group. It is an object that looks like a CD and when you touch it it plays the music over the sim music stream. Very cool. I wish I knew how to post it here for you to hear but, sadly, I don't. If you want the music then you can join Skye's group "Skye High." I can invite you so IM me inworld and I am happy to do so. Then all you have to do is go to the Notices history and grab the CD.


Wrath said...

I love The Smiths! Do you love The Smiths?? I do!


chestnut rau said...

/hey! Look - it's Wrath Paine! I love the Smiths too!

Delinda said...

Told ya Chestnut! Im tottaly addicted to his voice. And what a live show he can put on sometimes going almost 3 hours nonstop.

Jenny Heying (Thump Magazine) said...

We had a chance to review Skye's "experiment" in transitioning from piano to guitar and it's obvious that no matter what medium, Skye is awesome.

Even better is a performance with both guitar and piano, hopefully in the near future.

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