14 of 365 "One Reason SL is Entertaining"

One reason SL is so entertaining is you can fly along and you just may happen upon a cute pair of teddy bears that are as big as a house.

What is really funny is I was flying along looking for a place to take my 365 wondering why in the world do people make little replicas of RL here? Where is the imagination? Where is the fun? Then I looked up saw this scene and laughed. Sure there is a house you could find in RL but it has guardian teddy bears.

14 of 365 "One Reason SL is so Entertaining"

As I think about it -- what really is so wrong about building a RL house in SL? If you don't live in a modern beach house and it makes you happy to create that fantasy in SL, why not? If you always wondered what it would be like to live in a castle or an inner city squat or a habitrail, SL is the place to do it. It is all low risk, high reward as far as I can tell.

Vive la FĂȘte!

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