34 of 365 "Constant Negativity"

I understand the temptation to be critical of Linden Lab. They are the company store and we are at their mercy in many ways. They do things that are in the corporate interest which we dislike. They don't take action where we fervently wish they would. Many of us have checked out other grids and while some people have moved to OpenSim or Reaction Grid or Blue Mars or where ever, as far as I can tell none of those places give me what I get in SL at this time.

So we stay in Second Life - and complain.

I am by no means a Linden Lab cheerleader. I have my own issues with the way they communicate and policy choices they make that impact me in ways I am unhappy about. Having said that, I am seriously tired of all the bitching about Linden Lab. If SL is so terrible, why do people hang around? If you are miserable do the rest of us a favor and work to make things better or just shut up and leave.

How about this? Tell your social networks about what did you did today that gave you joy. What has Linden done that pleases you? Tell us about a new sim, a great musician or a build you are creating that we would enjoy. Tell us about a great day you had with your friends being silly or a class you took that expanded your knowledge. Take a moment to remember why you are in SL. I am very sure it is not about the negative. Remember what brings you happiness and then instead of complaining tell us about your joy.


Lizzie Lexington said...

I cosign this post, LOL

Nazz Lane said...

Nazz nods his head in agreement with Chestnut.

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

Yep. I've also been saying this for a while now. Thanks for the post, Chestnut. :-)

Zippora Zabelin said...

/me applauds

oh... and I think this does not just apply to SL/Linden Lab but to life in general.