59 of 365: Three Things

There is a meme going around where folks name three things they cannot live without. I change my look up some but there are a few things I never change. The first is my shape, which was originally given to me by Jellybean Madison in 2007. Since then I have adjusted my size a bit but on the whole my shape defines me and does not change.

The second thing I never take off is my claddagh ring. Those of you who pay attention to details will notice that Zha wears the same ring. Read about the legend of the Claddagh here.

The third thing I wear all the time and feel a little naked without are my flutter eyelashes by Cake. I have a heck of a time adjusting them and they are never perfect but I always wear prim lashes. The system eyelashes just stink, don't they?


Zha Ewry said...

Happy smiles at the Claddagh ring. Not only do Ches and I both wear that ring, the two are unique. When we were ring shopping, we found this ring we loved, except for having gold highlights which we neither of us loved. We asked, and were blessed with an all sliver version, which suits us perfectly. By happy side effect, this also made them unique, which is extra special.

~ Z

Chestnut Rau said...

Our rings are extra special for many reasons. <3 <3 <3