60 of 365: Happy New Year

I have never been a fan of New Year's Eve. In fact, I dislike most days where it is expected that people attend parties and be social. We introverts don't deal well with forced socialization at the best of times and holidays usually make my need to crawl in a hole worse. Add to that a layer of "but you really like people and you should be having fun Ches" and a dose of "but you did not make RL plans and now its too late" and that turns into a big ball of "well don't I suck?" Yeah, it is not pretty inside my head folks.

Having said way more than you want to know about my self talk, I will say I am really looking forward to putting 2009 behind me. This has been a difficult year.

So, hello 2010! Welcome! Can I take your coat and get you a drink?

To all of you wonderful people who take a minute out of your day to read my silly blog, thank you. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet, explore daily, be creative and love yourself.


Ari Blackthorne™ said...


Oh. So. Ditto. :)

I am a fellow introvert who feels exactly likewise. So, "happy 'let's-just-move-the-hell-on' to you, too!"

No sarcasm or snarkiness intended. I'm serious.


Chestnut Rau said...

You are great Ari! We should hang out and not talk to anyone some time soon. :)

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

OH, sweet woman!

You have a deal, we'll call it a blind (and deaf) date for sure! We'll go to different restaurants for supper and different screens for the movie and afterwards, we can each go to our respective homes and just use IM to talk about the evening rather than share the same cuddle-sofa or whatever! :)

But you know what? I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today... and not just because it's the whole roll-over of the calendar, because I wish you a wonderful day *every day* no matter what the calendar says.

/me gives you a politically-correct, barely-touching your *shoulder -only* sideways hug so you don't attempt to sue me because my chest touches your boobies if I were to squeeze you like I mean it as a genuine "happy for you" hug like the days when people were all sensible that way.


Chestnut Rau said...

OMG....you totally just made my day Ari. Thank you!

ahuva18 said...

hey, hey, HEY!!! i thought i primed that pump????? pffft. *grin* my "difficulty" was resolved - both parties all huggy/kissy. so - see - you did a good deed this morning!

/me waves cautiously to Ari, trying to avoid eye contact and too much enthusiasm, just kind of nodding in recognition that there is someone there.

sheesh, you make it REALLY hard on us extroverts. *grin* /me bubbles off to annoy more introverts.

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

@Chestnut: Making your day makes my day! And no "CHESTnut" jokes, I promise! -evil, naughty grin-

/me makes the cliché symbol with index fingers of each hand crossing and directs it to you and with a hiss I shouts...

"I bannish you from this place you eeeviiil extrovert!"

...quickly moves bewteen Chestnut and the eeeviiil incarnation with flailing arms in a feign attempt to absorb the eeeviiilness being projected in a protective effort!

Wait... is my boat on fire over there?
/me runs off quickly in *that* direction...

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

Yeah I don't like to go out either for New Years anymore... moreso for the fact that there's a ton of drunk crazies out on the road in already bad weather conditions and cops on the prowl for any sort of shenanigans.

Sometimes it's just better to curl up with a nice wine and enjoy bringing in the new year with a little peace and quiet.

Krissy Muggleston said...

I'm right with ya too. We introverts need a good several hours of solitude to recover/recharge after socialization, eh? Which is why I'm unwinding on this laptop after having spent NYE with family (yeah family, but still). Take care!