Chantal Harvey Machinima "Second Life of Brian"

Chantal Harvey is a leading machinima maker in SL. Beyond that she organizes machinima festivals and is an all around advocate for the art of filmmaking in virtual spaces. If you ever have the chance to see her work, you should stop what you are doing and watch.

I am going to make it easy for you right now. Below is " A Virtual Hommage to the funniest movie of all times" made by Chantal Harvey (2009) after the original (1979) by the Monty Python Comedy Team. " Its fabulous. Enjoy.


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I'd love to see more scenes made in SL from Life of Brian.

Chestnut Rau said...

I just love this machinima! Chantal and her collaborators have really done the original justice. I hope everyone sees this and loves it as much as I did when she shared it with me.

Lionesse Vandyke said...

AWESOME!!!! I wish I could do that:-)

Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

hahaha this is awesome :)))) Oh, as a die-hard Monty Python fan, I loved to see this "VRemake" ;)

I wish John Cleese could watch this! :)