91 of 365: Random Thoughts

Avatars United: I don't need or want yet another social network. Still I grabbed my name, uploaded a picture and apparently have 148 odd friends. It is of concern that anyone can grab any name they like without verification, as demonstrated by Ordinal Malaprop. I expect that Linden Lab will correct this blunder but who knows. In light of all this, Grace McDunnough raises significant issues about the value of our avatar identities. Please do read what Grace says and share your thoughts in the comments if your ideas are more clear than mine. I still have thinking to do.


I saw James Cameron's film Avatar today. I want to see it again. And again. I am not really a roleplayer but I want to wear a blue Na'vi skin, find a Pandora sim and live there forever. Yeah. Its true.


My husband is going away on business this week. I am going to be a single mom. Help.


I followed a link to the best SL building tutorial I have ever come across today. Check out The Shiny Life by Vlad Bjornson. It is a great blog by a talented builder who apparently likes to share.


I have been reading a lot lately and my book is calling me this evening so I will post this and curl up with a murder mystery. That is, unless someone can turn me into a Na'vi and create Pandora. If that happens I may never leave my Avatar body.

"Everything is backwards now; like out there is the true world and in here is the dream." Jake Sully

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Krissy Muggleston said...

Hi Chestnut! There are already a couple Pandora sims with full-on RP, but one of them really stands out. It's so beautiful. If you search for Pandora Magic you'll find it. On my blog is a slurl, about three posts down. I'm so with you on that. The movie was so inspiring that looking for a Pandora sim was the first thing I did.