108 of 365: Linden Homes

I grabbed a Linden Home today. I figure it will be an experiment. I actually got pretty lucky in that my home borders a park area and even though people are all crowded together my place feels fairly open.

I have no clue what will happen at my Linden home, if anything. Anyone who wants to check it out should feel free to visit. The LM is in my profile in world. (It is not like there is anything even remotely like privacy in the Linden Villages.)

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Kathen said...

You were much luckier than me. I am surrounded by other houses and I feel quite claustrophobic. Also it is hard to walk anywhere because so many of my neighbours have put up ban lines.

I can't rezz anything anywhere but in my house. Even a small boat on the river is impossible.

I can't help wondering just what good these houses are or why anyone would want one. But I will wait to see what you do with yours.