146 of 365 Blogger Party and M Linden Exhibit

Today was a day of huge events. Sadly, SL was hating on me so I kept crashing and did not get to enjoy the parties as much as I would have liked.

This is the Blogger party. Its funny how the people who attend these parties morph over time. I remember the first Blogger Party I went to ages ago. Vint Falken, Timothy Lillihook, Jellybean Madison and Hawksrock Gunawan, and Wrath Paine were all there. I can't remember the last time I saw any of those folks in SL. I used to know everyone at the blogger parties. Now? I feel like I know a small number of people but mostly I think I should hang out with bloggers more and get to know them. What a great bunch of people.

The photo of M Linden above was taken by my friend JayJay Zifanwe, who is the art promoter at the University of Western Australia Campus in SL. I tried to take a picture during the short time I was at M Linden's exhibit opening today. With 78 people in the sim at the time trying to do anything was a challenge. I heard M took questions from the crowd and answered in voice. The one question I saw just before I crashed the second time was "why are you doing art instead of working on making the grid stable." Irony much?

I would be so happy if SL could support big events and by that I mean events with several hundred in attendance. Now, that capability would be a serious paradigm shifter.

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