156 of 365 Mysterious Inventory Loss in Second Life

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible no good very bad day. We had some bad news at work. My kids were ending their spring break and decided that taking out their frustrations on me was the only way the inevitable march of time leading them to the school bus would be stopped. I know I said I would stop talking about it but I still have pain and knowing it is not going away any time soon is draining.

Zha and I have been partners for just about two years now. All I am going to say about that is any long lived relationship has ups and downs. There are times when people's schedules align and times when they don't. There are days, weeks, months when things can be effortless and there are times when you have to put effort in to a friendship. Yesterday was a putting effort in day and that is all I am gonna say about it.

We decided to go exploring. I had this idea for a picture and I needed a desert background. I started to change my clothes and noticed my jewelry folder was missing.....(insert cartoon car screeching to a halt noise then picture my head flipping from side to side Three Stooges style) WHAT?

Some people like shoes. Some collect art. Some collect hair. Skin lovers have an expensive pixel addiction. I have a thing for jewelry. I think this goes back to my RL art and my propensity to buy baubles in the atomic world. Since I have been in SL I have bought jewelry. Sometimes I wear it during my travels and some times I just put it on and admire the artistry and the patience of people who work with tiny tiny prims.

As of this moment, despite several cache clearing episodes, prayers, curses, thoughts of burning several Linden avatars at the stake my beloved jewelry folder is gone. I am told I have to manually delete my cache which is made difficult by the fact that I am using the dreaded Vista monster and getting access to the location where I have to do some complicated technical gymnastics is not easy. I went to bed frustrated and hoped that magically this morning my jewelry folder would return just as mysteriously as it disappeared.

Sadly, no.

This morning I am still thinking I should shut off this bloody laptop and go back down to my neglected glass studio and create little universes of color and light of my own, rather than spending time in a pixel universe where color and light can disappear without warning. Glass is one of those things that will survive for ages, unlike virtual goods.


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Chestnut, I am so sorry to hear that this happened :( I think manually clearing cache might do the trick. It worked for me once. Crossing fingers for you. *hugs*

PS. According to the SL wiki, on Vista the cache folder is located here:

I hope that helps somehow.

Krissy Muggleston said...

Hugs. Those days get the best of me too, sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Log out and reopen SL.
Hold down "CTL+Shift+G".
A drop down menu will open.
The list will have many things to choose from.
Agni is the main grid, it is the grid we are on now.
Aditi is the beta grid.
Select Aditi and log in.
Go into busy mode, as soon as you log in.
Do NOT im anyone.
Do NOT chat.
Do NOT TP anywhere.
Just stand there and open your inventory.
Type something in the inventory search space so that your inventory begins to load.
Let your inventory fetch all items.
The process may take a while.
Once your inventory has completely loaded, log out of the beta grid and back into the main "Agni" grid.
When you are back on the main grid open your inventory and let it load. The items should come back.
*Oh, when you are on the beta grid you'll notice an influx of lindens. This is fake money. You can not transfer it to the main grid.

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I never did find my cache folder..and lost most of my skin, hair and accessory stuffs... last year ... it really hurts and made me wonder if it all was worth it...one of the things about skin and hair is that there are constantly new skins and hairs, with lots of improvements so the older ones become obselete. Not the same as jewelery. Hope you're able to get your stuff back.

Chestnut Rau said...

Oh I love you anonymous! But who should I send the thank you gifts to if you don't tell me your name!

Seriously, thank you very much. I will try that when I get home.

Nissa Nightfire said...

oh gosh! i would be devastated as well! I hope one of the solutions works for you. As a bit of an aside, I'm a lampworker too :) Melting some glass would probably do you a world of good right now :) Best wishes on recovering the jewelry~

Chestnut Rau said...

Are you Nissa? Cool. I have to admit my torch time has suffered considerably since I started spending time in SL. I wonder if I can still make a round bead. ~0.0~

Nissa Nightfire said...

oh well ... round beads are overrated ... unique shapes are where its at :) In fact, my torch time has suffered as well... maybe we need a support group~