159 of 365: Tyrehl Byk's Amazing Particles

I know you think you have seen particle shows in SL. I promise you Tyrehl Byk's show is nothing like your standard fare. Delinda has been trying to get me to see this show for ages. I have listed it in NWN several times and just the other day Hamlet wrote about the show. The dirty little secret is I don't get out to as many shows as I would like and I just had not made it to see Tyrehl's work just yet.

Today I went and honestly it was amazing. I TPed in Ahuva and I am sure she loved it as much as I did. Tyrehl said he is doing a bunch of shows this weekend so go to the SL website and find one. Sigh. Ok

8am Saturday

If you want to go on Sunday you have to look it up yourself. Sorry.

Just go. (direct Slurl here)

The artsy fartsy image above is me pretending to be Cleopatra layered over a capture from Tyrehl's show. fa..fa...fa.

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