170 of 365 You are Invited to the April SL Blogger's Party

This Saturday, April 24th at 2pm I would love it if you would join the SL Blogger Group for our monthly party. I volunteered to host in an unusual moment of extroverted enthusiasm. Since then I have been in the grips of introverted "OMG, what the *BEEP* was I thinking?!"

I figured live music always makes me happy so it would be a great way to make the party a little different from our standard event. Kyle Beltran (aka Kyle Bronsdon in RL) is one of my very favorite Sl musicians and he has agreed to perform at the party. He is uber talented and just a really great guy. Kyle plays piano and sings in an engaging, cabaret style. His music runs from standard tunes you know and love to other songs you will adore once you hear his take on them. Kyle is a pro and a class act. He will play for us from 2pm to about 3:30.

If you have never been to a live music performance in SL before it is different than a concert when everyone is seated in respectful silence in an auditorium. It is perfectly ok to chat with people while the musician plays. In fact, the banter between the audience members is part of the fun of live music in SL. Performers will usually engage in the chat when they are not singing of course. So we will all let loose and have a laugh.

At about 3:30 DJ Rosie Barthelmess will spin tunes for our dancing pleasure. Rosie is high energy and has a wide assortment of genres under her belt so we can kick back and enjoy. Rosie is a DJ at the fantastic Lounge of Dreams and once you fall in love with her at the party you can catch her regular sets there. Rosie is a blogger in her own right and also creates fabulous jewelry which she sells at her store Sable Rose.

I am putting together a NY style loft for the party. The photo above was taken after I spent time building the bar you see in the image. ( It is not finished yet -- don't judge me! hehe) Zha is face down on the table after I asked for the 2,340,438,534,564th time "Do you like this texture?" "How about this one?" I am a little annoying when I build I fear.

Anyway, if you read this blog you are invited to the party! If we have never spent time together in world this is our chance! Please come. The location for the party is ThorneBridgeTown which is Zha's work island. Here is the SLurl

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