Don't Miss Oxymoronic Fusion

Here is a press release I got from several people about a play called Oxymoronic Fusion. Normally I would have written about this event in New World Notes but since I missed posting this week I thought I would share the information here. Check it out!


Playwright, Z. Sharon Glantz will put the ‘virtual’ into ‘reality’ in April, when she presents a live, digital performance of Oxymoronic Fusion at Seattle’s Open Circle Theatre.

This is a production with a difference, as the performance, featuring an international cast and crew, will take place within the virtual world of Second Life and will be streamed live into the Seattle theater. Currently the Managing Director of both the Open Circle Theater and The Sanity Patrol Players Z. Sharon has been writing, directing and producing plays for twenty years and is keen to explore the opportunities offered by virtual platforms, noting that:

“Second Life is not so much a game as it is an opportunity for like-minded people from all over the globe to come together and produce new works of all kinds. Although not technically theater, these live presentations offer an evolving form of performance. With this come opportunities for new work and for actors who may not have access or the physical ability to perform in community and professional theater. Many of the actors have a professional background in live theater, opera or film.”

Oxymoronic Fusion is a metaphysical farce written by Z. Sharon and exploring the peaceful co-existence of seemingly contradictory belief systems. The live stream will be the first of an ongoing monthly series of virtual theater performance at Open Circle, a “geek” theater whose mission is to create and perform new works and adaptations that speak to the human condition through fantasy and mythic storytelling.

For more information on this production or the opportunities within Second Life or any previous works by Z. Sharon, contact or Lailu Loon in world.

Further information also available from


Thursday, April 1, 6-830 OPENING NIGHT (we missed it. boo)
Saturday, April 3 2-5 PERFORMANCE
Monday, April 5 6-830 PERFORMANCE
Tuesday, April 6, 4-630 PERFORMANCE
Wednesday, April 7, 4-630 PERFORMANCE
Thursday, April 8, 6-830 PERFORMANCE
Friday, April 9, 6-830 PERFORMANCE

Sunday, April 11, 630-9, STREAMED PERFORMANCE

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