233 of 365 "Little Life Lessons"

Life's little lessons often sneak up on me. One day I am going about my business and then suddenly, I get hit with an experience that takes me by surprise. It can be something simple like having a cyst that reminds me not to take my health for granted or it can be something a bit more positive like finding myself having feelings for someone I did not anticipate would become a friend. Positive or negative, the lesson is there. Sometimes it is hard to wade through the fear or pain or even the joy to find the lesson in the experience. I find if I listen closely enough to my heart, I will figure it out.

The past few weeks have taught me much. I have laughed a lot and had some very happy moments. I am not ashamed to say I have cried too. Someone asked me this morning if I would do it all again. I hesitated but had to concede yes, I would and I would not change a thing.

So what are the lessons?

It is much harder to speak the truth than it is to remain silent, especially if you know there will be a negative reaction to your truth.

For every self-important asshole on the internet there are many others who quietly offer love and support. It is sometimes hard to remember to pay attention to the love and support when the assholes are so damn loud.

You never really know where the love and support is going to come from. Sometimes the person you expect to comfort you is MIA and a random stranger steps up. Yesterday someone who doesn't even know me reached out to offer a hug and it made my day. (And yeah I am looking at you LGG)

The most important thing for me to do is to let go of expectations. If I expect nothing I can never be disappointed.

This morning I *am* a little disappointed. It won't last very long but for right now my heart is tender.


Later on today my friends are having a 3rd rez day party for me. There will be motorcycle races on the beach (because clearly they want to see me crash and burn.) My friend DJ Calli will spin tunes for us for a while and then the amazing Harper Messmer will play live. Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun? How lucky am I to have friends who will plan something like this for me? Very, very lucky indeed.

I will probably plurk the LM closer to party time which is around 5pm SLT. I would love to see you there.

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