246 of 365 The great missing attachment fiasco of 2010

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I have no idea what happened to Second Life last night but there is a problem with missing attachments grid-wide. Linden Lab is scrambling to fix things, people in my groups are screaming and freaking out.

All I know is this, you cannot get attached to pixel things. We have all learned this lesson over and over. Which is why I am calm about the fact that the ring Zha gave me when we partnered two years ago is apparently missing from the database. Yes, it was custom made for us. Yes, I have worn it every single day for more than two years. Yes, I have a sentimental attachment to the 1s and 0s on my screen that magically make something that looks like a silver claddagh ring show up on the 1s and 0s that make up my avatar hand. But really, I just don't have it in me to be upset about it being gone.

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Roenik Newell said...

Same happened to me 2 years ago. The ring given to me by my RL/SL partner was lost due to inventory database mishaps.

I hope you have better luck in recovering it than I did!