266 of 365 My new mailbox & Phalen's Old Spice Girl Machinima

Like everyone, I get tons of marketing information every time I log in to SL and if I am being honest, I ignore somewhere in the neighborhood of 99% of it. I get so much crap that it feels like an avalanche of ME ME ME ME ME ME when I log in and it drives me nuts. My response is delete, delete, delete. I am sure I miss a lot of things I would be interested in but being bombarded the second I log in is just plain annoying.

I have no idea why this adorable mail box made by Clementine Ishtari of Awesome Blossom stood out from the morning mob scene in my inbox, but it sure did. The mailbox is color change, has three cute poses and the really fun part is your friends can leave you messages! You drop a notecard into the mailbox and then they can retrieve it with a touch. How adorable is that? I am fairly sure no one is going to leave me notes but if I were a shop owner this would be a fun little way to get information from customers. Go here and get yours for just $60L today.

Clementine's note card says "All is full of Awesome!" and that might be my tag line for today.


If you have not seen Phaylen Fairchild's Machinima spoofing the Old Spice Ads, you really must watch. Phalen is an amazing talent.

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Clementine Ishtari said...

Thanks for the bloggage Chestnut! I'm glad you like the mailbox. :D

PS - You look totally cute!