Friendship and Loyalty

The thing about dogs is they are loyal. No matter how many times I grumble at Chloe for being underfoot or yell at her because I had a bad day, she still puts her head in my lap every single time I sit on the sofa. If I let her she will climb in my lap, wrap herself around me as much as 45 pounds of dog is able and she will lick my face. Dogs will love you no matter what you do and they are ridiculously loyal friends.

Some days I think Chloe's loyalty is misplaced. I don't take her to the woods and let her run nearly as much as I should. I do sometimes take my frustrations out on her and all too often I ignore her completely. I rarely let her climb on my lap and the face licking grosses me out so that just can't happen.

I am sure I disappoint Chloe a lot. And yet? She is always hopeful today will be the day she can get a little love. She tests the theory by tentatively putting her head in my lap. If I respond she will nudge my hand and ask me to pet her. If I take a moment to pet her it isn't more than a second before she is climbing in my lap, even though she knows full well I am going to push her off every single time.


I am a very loyal to my friends. Once I let someone behind the firewall it takes a hell of a lot for me to give up on a friendship. Having said that? Occasionally, being loyal leaves me feeling a little like Chloe - hopeful and just a little bit stupid.


ETA: Why yes, since you asked, this post *is* about one particular friendship. You really did not think I was going to say who, now did you?


Ais said...

Love this article and have felt what you describe feeling here. BUT I truly believe this is the best way to be. Along with that belief, I will share one of my favorite quotes (There are a couple different versions of it but the gist is always the same.).

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

Ais said...

PS - My baby boy, Danny, does the same things your Chloe does, to a T.

To see a pic of my Danny boy go to

Yes, I am a proud mommy.

Chestnut Rau said...

Ais, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your kind words.

Jewel said...

aww chestnut she is really cute, I'm a animal lover to, though I have a cat not a dog, I am very loyal to my friends as well.

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

Uh, oh.

Ummm, yeah, you won't say who, but I wonder how many others have that nasty, guilty doubt now, you evil woman, you!


Okay, okay... I promise!!!!

Chestnut Rau said...

Ari! Absolutely, 100% NOT you. Silly Pirate.

Joonie said...

*hugs* been there. Being loyal is a wonderful attribute. We sensitive types have to be careful deciding who to give our loyalty to. Sometimes realizing who is not worthy of loyalty comes after we've given it. In RL, we have more concrete signals than we do in SL.

The only stupid person is the one who would walk away from such loyalty.

Kokoro said...

*tight huggles* Sorry dearling.. I didn't think you still waited that chocolate, since it had been uneaten for almost 40 minutes.. *sad eyes* I'll try to remember to ask next time... but it was unattended chocolate!