293 of 365 I keep hearing "We told you so" in my head

If you have not heard about the latest Emerald drama please read Katharine Berry's blog post.

Here is what ModularSystems has to say.

I am not going to misrepresent things. There are people who are part of Emerald I consider friends. To say I am disappointed does not even begin to describe how I feel.

Yes, I did download Imprudence. Yes, with the help of Grace McDunnough I was able to easily get voice to work. Yes, Imprudence will be my "go to" viewer from now on. I kind of like the color purple.

Still, I haz a sad. A big sad.


ETA: I am slightly amused that the basic text on this blog is emerald green and the highlighted links are imprudence purple. Those are the colors dear Ari chose when he created this template for me. I love the color choices and always have. Today it takes on a tinge of irony though.

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Ari Blackthorne™ said...

To me the term "shenanegans" doesn't do it. Not quite weighty enough. As for the Emerald viewer itself, Ive stopped using it long ago, not because of anything other than the veiwer itself feeling a little "bloated" to me and for no other reason.

As for what has happened, I agree it wasn't technically a DoS attempt. But the ethical question has to do with "using" all Emerald users without their knowledge and likely against their will had they the knowledge. As for Linden Lab Terms of Service, Emerald has always broken that. Example: ability to show "true online status" breaks the ToS regarding resident privacy and so on.

But that is all neither here nor their. I am curios to see Linden Lab's response more than anything.

As for your blog theme, it is easy to change the text colors in the settings area of the blog.

And yes, it is ironic, isn't it? -grins big-