What is poetry?

When do words on a page become poetry? I am sure there are rules about such things but I am equally sure I don't know anything about the rules. I always thought poetry took specific form and had characteristics like meter and rhyme. It seems to me that metaphor and imagery are part of what we think of as classic poetry. I have been listening to a lot of Slam Poetry on Youtube and its been quite an education.

"Take it from a girl who is half angel" Gabrielle Bouliane, poetry is simply an elegant set of words that express a deeply held feeling. Please pay attention to her message and when you are done note her poetry does not rhyme at all. Still, I dare you to say its not poetry.

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Ulrich Lionheart said...

Poetry in itself cannot be described by few futile definitions. Like any art, it evolves creating a new way of expressing itself. One hundreds years ago a poem without a rhyme scheme was unthinkable, and now it has almost disappeared. What I love best about poetry is that you can restrict yourself to very complex forms or write without any boundaries. Find your voice, find your poetry :o)