12 of 365 ThorneBridgeTown

This circle of benches is the meeting place for the Architecture Working Group, which Zha leads. They meet weekly to discuss technical things that I mostly don't understand or ways to take over the internet and steal your pants, depending on your perspective. The meeting space is on a private island owned owned by IBM, which is on occasion open to the public. I am not going to list a slurl since it is a corporate sim but if you search your map for ThorneBridgeTown and you can get in to the sim, you are more than welcome to explore.

Last night we had the first planning meeting for Delinda's memorial in this space. I had originally planned to hold the meeting on Harbour but I soon realized my little homestead sim and room for 20 avatars was just not going to be big enough. So, I moved the meeting to IBM because I figured The Pocket and the Tonight Live Studio would make the emotionally laden work to be done harder. I picked ThorneBridgeTown because it is a neutral place and is set up to handle large group meetings.

I am glad I moved the meeting since there were 45 people in attendance. Yes - 45 people and about 75 agendas and everyone talking at once. It was.....incredible. I tried hard to facilitate but for a while I just let everyone talk. There was a need to just get things "out there." In the end we have the outline of a plan that I need to write up and share with the group.

I have a huge presentation to do in my RL job today and then I am driving to Boston in the dreaded gridlock traffic between here and there to share Thanksgiving with my family.

No, I am not stressed out, why do you ask?

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