8 of 365 For my dear friend Delinda Dyrssen

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about my friend Delinda's kidney transplant. I have also written about transplant generally because I have had several RL friends who have had organ transplants. The ability of doctors and science to extend lives is nothing short of miraculous.

The sad thing about transplant is our own bodies often try to reject the very organ that is life sustaining. People who have received organs live on a constant diet of medicines to stave off rejection. For certain types of transplants, the recipient lives with a very restricted diet and other day to day inconveniences so that their body accepts the transplant. There is constant medical monitoring.

I have one friend, lets call her Pat, who is on her 4th kidney and has been living a very full and healthy life. She is a fighter and even though she has been at death's door more times than any of us care to count, this RL friend has lived as a transplant recipient for more than 20 years. Organ donation is a gift and it saves lives. Period.

Having said that? Lots of times the gift an organ donation provides is more time here on this earth with loved ones. Transplant extended my friend Jackie's her life but her medical condition was such that life after transplant was very difficult and eventually she rejected her lungs and died. We all cherished those three years, especially her young sons.

Sitting here on this lonely Saturday morning the smells and the music of Jackie's funeral mass are flooding my senses. The proud strength of Jackie's husband as he read her words to us was moving beyond anything I have the ability to describe. Her little boys walking down the aisle of the church following their mama's coffin was one of the most painful sights I have ever seen.

So, you understand why the news that Delinda is in a coma due to kidney rejection hit me hard. I am not a religious person but if I was I would be praying right now. Instead I will think about how much Delinda is loved and how the world is a far better place with her here. I ask that you do the same and maybe, just maybe, she will feel our love and wake up from her coma. Then her incredible doctor will help her continue on the road to recovery.

I love you Del. You are a fighter and I just know you have 9 lives like my friend Pat. Please, wake up.

ETA: Read more about Delinda's situation on New World Notes and on Paisely Beebe's blog. For live updates on Del's condition follow this twitter stream

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