Bryn Oh is a Genius

Standby is the third and final part to Bryn Oh's Rabbicorn story. This installation is masterful. It is beautiful. Standby is melancholy and sweet and touching. I loved it. Please do make a point to visit.

Before you go you will want to see the first two parts of the story so that you understand the whole. Bryn has has put both the Rabbicorn story and the Daughter of Gears physical builds on Immersiva. If you can make the time, walking through the first parts of the story is an amazing experience. This work is 3D art and is meant to be experienced first hand.

If you are pressed for time Bryn has made machinima which tell the story and are lovely in their own right. She has also written about the first two parts of the story on her blog where you can watch the machinima. Click here for The post on the Daughter of Gears and here for The post on the Rabbicorn story.

If there is only one art installation you see this year, it should be Bryn Oh's three part story of the Rabbicorn. If there is only one art installation you *ever* see in Second Life it should be this series of work. Honestly.

ETA: Some people have been confused so I wanted to clarify - after you have enjoyed the opening scene of Standby, walk around to the left or right and head behind the screen to make your way through the installation. Bryn cues visitors about where to go using light and objects so if you are unsure...walk toward something in your line of sight and your next step will become very clear.

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Wol said...

Totally agreed. Bryn Oh is a great artist in any world, and the Rabbicon series is marvellous / heartbreaking.