42 of 365 Christmas Eve Blahs

This image has nothing to do with anything, especially Christmas. I am mostly not feeling Christmas this year. Ok, let's be honest I never really do.

I will be spending the next few days with RL family and friends and that always makes me happy. I will get to see my nieces and my nephew who is the most adorable child on the face of the earth, so that is fun. Other than that? Meh to commercialism, feh to stress and pressure. I find myself getting caught up in all of it and I really hate it.

If you are looking for holiday cheer you are at the wrong blog. I can pour you a glass of creamy, delicious Bailey's though.

Drink up.


Angie Mornington said...

I feel ya Chestnut. Every time this year I get more and more turned off to the commercialism of it all. As long as you feel peaceful and around or in touch with those you love it's all good.

Lalo Telling said...

Being Jewish, and not owning a TV, I can blithely ignore it. But a photo of the SL reproduction of Mont Saint Michel brings a smile any time :)