45 of 365 One serious prediction for Second Life in 2011

When I was at SLCC I had a moment where friends insisted I meet Philip Linden. During that very short conversation he said something that I believe is significant and does not appear to be getting much attention. I don't actually remember if Philip mentioned the issue in his talk or if if just came up in conversation, but while we are thinking about changes to SL that may or may not happen in 2011, I do think along with mesh LL is going to limit the number of prims avatars can wear.

Here is what I wrote based on my conversation with Philip in August,
At the "Avatar Ball" I said to Philip Linden "What scares me is avatar limits." His response was "You should be scared." Then he launched into a long discussion of region prim limits and the impact of not limiting prims/scripts for avatars. In the same breath he reiterated "But I am giving you mesh." So, there you have it.
As I have said a billionty times, I am not a technical person so I am not sure what avatar limits mean, but Philip talked about the load avatars wearing a lot of prims place on the servers. He said that back when they were creating Second Life they made a mistake when they limited the number of prim that could be rezzed in a sim but did not limit the number of prims avatars could wear. This is the problem Philip said LL needs to correct and I do think we should expect to see limits in the future.

If and when avatar limits are imposed there will be repercussions for people who like to load up their avatars with attachments. Fashionistas? Furries? Robots? Things might be changing.


Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Strange, since they've added multiple attachment points and multiple items per layer in V2.x. Hey, not like we've seen bait-and-switch, Linden-giveth-Linden-taketh-away, right? (Homestead pricing, Edu discount)

But I can see where a Tom Hale would spin this as a limits-as-challenge but the hardcore cynics will scream THE END OF THE GRID IS NIGH!

(updating my actual predictions list)


Chestnut Rau said...

You are totally right Crap. There is a major disconnect between what Philip said to us and new features in the viewer. I don't know what to make of it at all.

Hey -- there were witnesses to my conversation! I am sure I did not dream it up. Armi, Zha, Dale, Ahuva and Oura were there. There may have been others too!

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Oh, I sure frigg'n hope not. While generating the prim positions of a big build is a server side function, they have no physics bounding. The load goes client side very quickly. (>_<)

I ~LIKE~ being primmy. The tube set that I always wear on my back is made up of over 200 and my eyes are another 130. They're part of me, no exceptions. (>_<)

Though... I'll pay attention to what mesh can do. I won't have much of a problem recreating what I wear in Blender. (^_^)

Chestnut Rau said...

I am with you Immy. I sure as hell hope not too, but I had this flash memory of the conversation and I wondered why the issue had totally disappeared from the public conversation. So I thought I would just put it out there to see what people think.

Mr. Crap Mariner said...

I'm sure that with a little effort and some sketching, I can make an animated gut-gearbox that uses 10 prims or so instead of the 200+ now.

And the 100+ prim leg boosters I used an LPP headset for could be simplified significantly... 4 at the least, I think.

I may just take up that challenge this weekend. Hrm...


Chic Aeon said...

A very interesting post. Thanks for passing along your intel :D.

I am a minimalist type of gal so except for some hairs and a few RP costumes that I seldom wear, the prim limits wouldn't affect me much personally.

So far as multiple attachment points being counter to the possible limits, that is not NECESSARILY so. I would be happy to be able to attach a one prim cowl collar and a one prim turtleneck collar to the same point. That's JUST TWO PRIMS.

Lalo Telling said...

When has there not been "a major disconnect between what Philip said to us" and what eventually manifested? :-\

Anyway... your tweet, which is why I'm here, said "Will LL limit avatar attachments in 2011?" and my immediate thought was of emotional attachment, which not even LL can limit.

Tary said...

If they are thinking on implementing some kind of prim limit of sorts to avatars they sure are heading the wrong way, as Crap Mariner pointed the new atachement points give us the option to wear even more prims. And it would be very bad to content creators as well, since (besides scripts) we would have to be worried to know the number of prims of whatever we buy. If such a thing came forward I think we would see a huge protest.

That said, and since LL has been giving estate and land owners more options concerning script usage, maybe, just maybe, limiting the number of avatar prims is something they are considering too (I'm not technical too, don't even know if that is possible). This could be usefull in crowded events (hair fair for example), but besides that I can't see the point.

Honestly if I can't wear my jewellry and hair I'm not going to bother to go to a place. Hell, if I can't wear jewells and hair, I'm staying home :)

Tary Allen

Frans Charming said...

Chic++. She is right, that is exactly why multi attachements points where added. It was never about more prims.

You can hardly act suprised, over the years many people at the lab have said the almost limitless amount of prims on avatars is a problem.