55 of 365 What do you think of Sim Surrounds?

Lately I have run into more and more sims where the landscaping includes huge mega prims that have photo realistic mountains located outside the sim borders. I am not entirely sure if I like these landscapes or not. On the one hand it gives a great feeling of distance that is hard to do any other way in Second Life. On the other hand I can't help but feel small and like I am on a movie set. In some way I feel like these sim surrounds make the environment feel less "real" and less "immersive" than landscapes created within the sim.

I probably should explore more sims that use this landscaping technique to great advantage. If you know of good places to check out please do let me know. I am interested in what other people think so please do comment if you have feelings about these sim surrounds one way or that other. Love them? Hate them? What do you think?


Aeonix Aeon said...

I happen to like Sim surrounds if done tastefully. Choosing the right one for your situation and environment is the key to immersion.

Anonymous said...

I really do not like sim surrounds. I always think "there is one of those things again." I would much rather see an open ocean.

Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Korii uses one on Corbenic, I think. When I want to get the unobstructed ocean, I just reduce draw distance (as I did in the YouTube clip) -ls/cm

Opensource Obscure said...

From the aesthetical point of view, they usually did their job.

However they can cause problems in some cases.
We got an issue in our community sim, where users couldn't sit anymore because of the megaprims used by the sim surround.
I understand this was a specific problem of the objects we were using. Other sim surrounds do *not* cause the same issue.