107 of 365 Architecture in Second Life

Jon Brouchoud is Keystone Bouchard in Second Life. He is perhaps the best known name in Second Life architecture, along with the MIA and very much missed Scope Cleaver. You can read about Jon's incredible work at ARCH Virtual a site "dedicated to providing news, current events related to architecture and design in virtual worlds and game environments." At ARCH Virtual Bouchoud describes some of his work, including a $900 million facility that was prototyped in SL and is currently under construction in San Diego.

Yesterday I got a group notice about one of Brouchoud's inworld projects, "Virtual Architecture 101." Here is how he describes the experience on his website:
Virtual Architecture 101 is a free, interactive, self guided, educational installation in Second Life, designed to provide visitors with a sampling of architectural fundamentals, design processes, strategies and best practices for creating effective virtual world projects. The installation also includes case studies and offers specific tips, tricks and techniques covering a wide range of virtual world development topics. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive resource, but to simply provide a sample overview of design basics and strategies. If you want brush up on some fundamentals, or if you are planning to develop a project in a virtual world, this installation is designed to serve as a starting point and a place to gather ideas and inspiration for making your project a success.
Here are a few teaser images from Virtual Architecture 101, intended to entice you to visit!

I have always thought if any RL business could benefit in a significant way from a virtual space, architecture would be a prime candidate. Imagine building a virtual model of a proposed RL building and allowing a customer to "see" and "feel" the space by actually walking through. I think there is great power in that experience and the potential is huge. At least $900 million in potential if you ask Jon Brouchoud, I would guess. Read more about his work on OpenSim here on NWN and his 2009 Metanomics build here on the now defunct NPIRL blog.

Please do visit Virtual Architecture 101 and imagine the possibilities.


GM Nikolaidis said...

thanks for writing this. it's really a fab place and great learning experience

Mathilde Vhargon said...

It doesn't seem clear to me from the article, whether this is a project and learning experience for anyone wishing to learn how to do architectural projects in SL or only for trained RL architects wanting to learn how to adapt their projects and present them in SL. I am looking for a SL builder with vision and attention to detail and excellence who won't charge hundreds of US dollars for a custom project or prefab of an Art gallery building. So far, it has been a difficult search and there don't seem to be any guidelines to help people find builders they can rely on and whose ethos and vision match their own.