133 of 365 Artist Miso Susanowa

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of meeting talented artist Miso Susanowa. She generously showed me her work space and some of her art. Miso's work uses sound to stunning effect so I would ask that you follow the links below to see her creations. Sound is such a big part of her work that a 2D image doesn't really convey the depth of the experience.

The piece below is called City. Miso said it is not usually displayed in world so I was grateful she allowed me to see it. It consists of layers of colorful moving images inside a space made up of changing black and white images of California. There is a cacophony of sound that at first is interesting but fairly quickly gets disturbing.

I felt like a city was surrounding me and swallowing me whole as I sat inside the space. As a New Yorker, it sort of made me feel the way I do when I am in a crowd and can't get away fast enough.I honestly have no idea if that feeling is what Miso intended, but that is how I experienced City. It is intense and compelling.

I absolutely loved the prim woman in a red kimono called "Lady with a Fan." There is something lovely and simple about this statue, which I believe is created entirely from tortured prims. Miso said a lot of people want copies of "Lady with a Fan" and I resisted the urge to ask where I could buy her since it seemed this lovely Lady is quite limited in number.

The floral piece below caught my eye and I played with windlight to see how it looked against different colors. I liked it best against a simple background but it changed dramatically when I played with the sky.

This is an angel which Miso said is placed in many houses of worship across the SL Grid. Much of Miso's work has religious themes, including several that challenge the Church. When she showed me those pieces I was so busy chatting I neglected to take pictures, sadly. Miso said she might have an exhibit of her work inspired by religion and if she does I will be the first one in the sim. Her thought provoking take on organized religion challenges basic ideas, and I very much look forward to seeing that exhibit when it occurs.

Visit Miso's Garden, which she describes as a refuge from LA.

Her work is also exhibited at the University of Western Australia


Lalo Telling said...

I'm very pleased to call Miso a good friend in SL and InWorldz ... and she's also an entertaining blogger, at "My So-called Virtual Life". Worth adding to any blogroll.

Chestnut Rau said...

Yes! I linked to her blog in the first paragraph of the post.

Lalo Telling said...

oops... *wipes egg from face* ;)

Raven Haalan said...

I've been a Miso friend and fan for a looong time, so I'm so glad you had a chance to meet.

At the risk of hijacking, which is not my intent at all, I'll link in a couple of shots of Misoness past for your reader's further enjoyment.

Burn2, 2010

Burning Life, 2009

... and Miso herself unleashing some of her effects :)

Fabulous post, Chestnut :)

Miso Susanowa said...

ahhh ty Chestnut, you are very kind :)

'City' seems to be understood best by people from megalopoli - I have heard the same sentiments from dwellers in London and Paris.

You are right; 'Lady' is all twisted (i hate the connotations of 'tortured'; besides, I think that's a violation of ToS haha) prims. The single prim which forms her kimono, slipper and obi gave me the entire vision; it just took several days to make the right compliments. She IS available for sale though, although I sent you one :)

I am very pleased to have been granted workspace for some of my larger pieces and happy that you were my first visitor :) 'GridFlower' also doesn't get out much; too tall :D

BONUS: my Capcha is "misco" which has been a typo on my name for a long time :D

Wizzy Gynoid said...

i consider myself pretty lucky to say that miso is one of my bestest SL friends. just don't get her riled up is all i have to say. she's been in Virtual Worlds since before most of us were born and knows her way around bits and bytes and baud rates.

Miso Susanowa said...

Wiz... I even used to know how to nibble :D