Embrace It

Crap told me I should stop worrying about producing good art and I should just embrace sucking.  That is one option I guess.  

I messed around with some older images I had today.  How is this for embracing it?   (They suck less if you click on them and view larger.)  

<3 you long time Crap.  You know just how to cheer me up.  ish. 


Komuso Tokugawa said...

It's the process of creating that is important, not the output per se. If you focus on enjoying/optimising the process of creation (whatever that is for you...art or music or ..) and incoporate critical analysis of each stage's output into a feedback loop you will naturally produce a higher ratio of "good" art by default. Bythe same token, if you ain't makin mistakes you ain't learning, and that's no fun at all! So don't sweat the lemons;-)
Thanks for dropping by the gigs.
I hope a little of the blues worked it's healing power for you. (er, the ones where I was not um, experimenting;-))

Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Instead of sweating the lemons, CAGE THEM! http://www.flickr.com/photos/isfullofcrap/5653791058


Jake said...

Hey being a perfectionist stifles creativity. Your pics are good.