The Power of Words and the Brave Writing of Carrie Lexington

Words have the power to make us cheer or move us to tears.  How many times just today has an email or an IM made you feel something?  Perhaps it was a text that said "what is it sweety?" or perhaps a news article or a blog post made you laugh or shake your fist in frustration.

As someone who writes and has the audacity to put my words out in the world for people to see, I have experienced the power of my own words.  There have been times when people feel like they know me or they are my friend because they have read something I wrote and it resonated with them. I have at least one "enemy" because of my words.  Words are powerful, make no mistake about it.

Recently the use of a single word moved my friend Carrie Lexington to write a poem.  It is a powerful and strong poem and she is brave to share it with the world.  I hope you will read Carrie's words and think about her message.

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