Saturday afternoon at Chez Chestnut

The thing about virtual worlds is you have to be patient.  Some days the grid gods conspire to make the simplest things difficult and we have no choice but to be patient or to log off and enjoy some RL sunshine. The image above was taken the 4th time I attempted to teleport to my friend Zachh Cale's show in Second Life.  I never did get there and the show had to be canceled.  The grid monkeys were just not cooperating.

So, I forced my kids to go down to the pool. We splashed each other and made Gavin's hair stand straight up. Sophie and I tried to convince him to let us dye it bright blue and spike it but the boy was having NONE of that.  The sun felt good. The laughter felt good.  The RL moments with my children are what matter to me, make no mistake about that.  There is nothing like a wet hug from a 12 year old who would rather *die* than be seen hugging his mom anywhere but in the privacy of our garden to remind me how little virtual worlds matter in the grand scheme of my life.
My dear friend Lanna wrote an interesting post which I suggest you read, if you have not done so already.  She talks about how she lost interest in logging in to SL when it became a 3d chat room rather than an immersive experience.  I am quite guilty of this standing around talking in IM rather than immersing in the experience myself. Just last night I was at a concert and had three IM boxes open and was engaged in lengthy conversations with people while I listened to the music.  I had so many boxes open I could barely see the world around me.  As much as I loved the conversations I was having it was not the same as sitting avatar to avatar with someone and talking.

Many of my closest friends from SL are people I rarely, if ever, see in world.  I talk to them all the time via other mechanisms and feel as close to them (if not closer in a few cases) to my RL friends. Second Life has become secondary to our friendships rather than the primary means of being together.  However, unlike Lanna, I still log in to Second Life most days.


Habit? Blog fodder?  Photographs?  Music?  Art?  Meeting new people or expanding causal friendships into deeper friendships?  The opportunity to collaborate on exciting new projects?

I still love virtual worlds.  I still love Second Life, even when I purposefully walk away to enjoy other things.

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Lindal Kidd said...

Sometimes we just need a change of pace!