Thoughts about a fight I never intended to have

Most of the time on this blog I quietly write about this or that and my small band of loyal readers come along for the ride.  I am told people look forward to reading what I am up to over morning coffee and some find it worth their time to follow the links I post.  While it is impossible to know how many people read a blog like mine via RSS or on  a feed, I do know that I have 63 "followers"on blogspot and I get around 125 page views a day whether I post or not.  On the days I post something especially good I have seen up to 750 hits in a day. I have no ads and make no money here.  By any measure this is not an influential blog. I like it that way.

Occasionally, I post something that is controversial.  Most often I inadvertently step in a bees nest without knowing that what I say is going to get people all riled up.  If you notice, I rarely take on controversial issues intentionally.  I figure there are lots of people who are more analytical than I am and smarter who will offer opinions and since I always see things in multiple shades of grey, I prefer not to take strong stands on things here on my blog.  I have definite opinions and my close friends will assure you this is true. I just don't put everything out here for the world to chew up and spit out. I lack the thick skin necessary to be that kind of writer.

When I write about my personal experiences and it turns into a "war" with people and I never knew I was fighting, I get confused and for the most part I want to crawl in a hole and hide until the last bomb is blown up.  I am someone who generally wants to promote the great things that happen in virtual worlds and the last thing I want to be is a critic.  If you look back at this blog to its beginning in 2007 and if you look at two years of writing on New World Notes, you will see that my intent is positive and my outlook about our virtual lives generally hopeful.

I look forward to the day when there are hundreds of thriving virtual worlds where we all can do business, make art and find companionship with like minded people.  I hope that each of us finds the virtual space that feels like home and we can all invite our friends from other places to visit.  I do want to be able to have good shoes and hair when I get to your world, but that is a controversy I am just not going to touch.

I apologize to anyone who was offended, hurt or royally pissed off by my post about Inworldz.  My intent was to describe my own personal experience and I posted in a moment of frustration.  Note to self: don't do that again.



Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Ten people who look at one picture will see it in ten different ways, bringing their history, culture and other past experiences. That's a good thing as it gives us so much variety in art, music and literature. Variety we would lose if everyone experienced everything in the same way.

It's always so discouraging that this multiplicity and diversity that enriches our lives so much leads to anger when people cannot accept the validity of another person's experience. Because I dislike liver, that does not mean that everyone who likes liver is wrong. This is no different. Your experience is true for you. If others experience it differently, that's great for them. It does not change or invalidate your experience.

Eddi Haskell said...


I for one enjoy your blog, find your observations insightful, and feel that you do the Second Life community a service.

I also comment you for following the blogger's Golden Rule: "I will blog about others as I want them to blog about me".

I never have read anything remotely like an attack on a Second Life resident in your blog.

However, this does not mean that you cannot express your opinions if you wish about other virtual worlds, real world politics, bad movie stars, or public figures in real life.

You visited another virtual world, you wrote about it, and some people don't like what you have to say.

Guess what. If they don't like it, they don't have to read your blog. And you do not owe anyone an apology.

You can consistently said that this is your opinion. You are not laying down value judgements for others to follow. And I do not know about about you, but I am the citizen of two wonderful free nations (The United States of American and the United Kingdom I am dual) where the right to my freedom to express myself freely is enshrined in documents such as the Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights.

Keep up the good work and say what you want. We, your readers, and some of us as your fellow Bloggers, through our ability to associate with others freely will make sure your reputation continues to be as excellent as it is.

All the best,

Eddi Haskell

Chestnut Rau said...

Thank you both very much for your support. I am grateful.


Brinda said...

What the heck... If one doesn't ruffle a feather occaisionaly they are likely pandering to all.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with disagreement... sadly we do have a few that seem to be unable to disagree without being disagreeable.

I try to live with:
"Say what you mean...
Mean what you say...
and don't say it mean".

All in all.. you done good!

Whispers said...

I find your posts well thought out and and extremely insightful! I look forward to your posts and I sincerely hope you don't let anyone ever discourage you from writing about a topic that interests you. I learned a long time ago you can't please everyone. So unless you really care about these people don't let their opinions affect your writing. :)

Cole Marie said...

LOL never apologize for your opinion. Ever.

Arabella said...

Unfortunately, it *is* possible to have a "war" with only one side fighting, and I think this is where you found yourself. However that does not mean you cannot and should not post your own thoughts - please do, it would be such a shame to see you silenced over such a silly carry on as we have seen this week. There will always be people with vested interests waiting to tear you down, after all, this is what they are paid to do. Chin up!

Indigo Mertel said...

There was nothing wrong with your post about Inworldz, Ches. I found your point of view interesting and informative. We all know that the way we experience virtual worlds can vary greatly. You just reported what your experience was at the time you visited.

I think that anyone who follows your blog knows your integrity and honesty. Scroll the criticism off with a shrug, you have nothing to feel bad about it.

Leondra said...

Hiya, Chestnut,

I am one of those 63, and really enjoy your insight and value your opinion. Maybe what you are perceiving is that people don't bother to comment when they are in total agreement, only when they see something you could have added, or they disagree.