Secret Spheres

*Chestnut shakes her fist at her missing muse*

Today I visited called an interesting sim called "Secret Spheres" built by Azee Resident, designer of the great sim "Zed" which I blogged many moons ago.  "Secret Spheres" consists of a labyrinth of small scenes built inside a series of spheres, all of which are named for the music of Pink Floyd.  Inside each sphere Pink Floyd plays on the stream and quite appropriately there are places to sit and dance while you enjoy the colorful trippy world around you.  

From the note card you will get at the landing point:
This is the land of small worlds.... one small unique and minimalist universe enclosed in each sphere... many are intimate and romantic, others simply unusual.... How many are they? You explore and find out!... All spheres on the lower level are connected together by tunnels... or rather a labyrinth ;-) Other spheres float high up in the sky, beyond  the clouds, and a few others  lie underwater... You can follow the tunnels and explore... or fly through their walls as most are phantom, but be careful not to fall.  Some have 2 or 3 storeys... 
 More after the break....

I must admit that I got a little turned around while I was exploring. Luckily, the note card you get at the starting point provides landmarks to many of the Spheres.  It did feel a little like cheating to use them, I must admit!  But, I am all about immediate gratification and figuring out mazes is not my strong point!

I never did find any of the secret hidden spaces, so I need to go back when I have more time to explore Secret Spheres.  I think it is a great place to go with a close friend for a quiet conversation or a special someone for a romantic dance.  Maybe I will see you there?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chesnut: thank you for your beautiful pictures and kind words, I really appreciate hem ;) Come visit again, I might be there so we cojld meet and chat! - Azee