A Real Life Photographic Interlude

I got a fantastic Canon digital SLR camera for Christmas. Since then I have been taking pictures of places I go in my day to day life in favor of more SL photos.  The images below were taken as we took a walk by the Hudson River a few days after Christmas.  No windlight!  No shadows making my computer crash!  Just a cold nose and a patient husband were required.  These image are straight out of my camera with no post processing whatsoever. How much do I love my camera?  Tons.

Of course I have taken every opportunity to annoy my family and friends by pointing my camera in their faces as much as possible.  In the image below both of my children are smiling and even seem to be enjoying each other's company. I am so glad I caught the moment as believe me it was fleeting.  The image was taken in Boston.

I will get back to exploring the LEA sims this week.  Look out for those posts in the coming days.  

Happy Sunday poppets!


Miso Susanowa said...

Beautiful photos; beautiful children :)

Yes, it's fun to play with Windlight settings (fstop, aperture, shutter speed) in RL!

Chestnut Rau said...

Thanks Miso! I need to take a class to figure out how to take excellent pictures. In the mean time its fun to play around and figure it out.