Some thoughts about the Linden Endowment for the Arts

I support art in all of its 3D glory in Second Life. Since my earliest days I have spent my time and money supporting musicians, performance artists and people engaged in visual arts.  I don't know much about art in that I am not educated and I actually (shame on me) enjoyed the Damian Hirst exhibit I saw in Kiev. I don't pretend to be an art critic or someone who understands the theory and history behind great art.  I am just a person who enjoys sharing what I love with others.  Art makes me happy.  Simple.

So I should be really happy about the 20 sims the LEA provides to artists, right?  Well, honestly I have very mixed feelings about the LEA sims.  On the one hand I think its great Linden Lab is providing the land and letting a group of people who are not Lab employees manage the content.  On the other hand as someone who pays tier and hosts art exhibits I have to admit I feel like an idiot paying a lot of money for something LL is giving away for free.  I probably should have my head examined as the saying goes.

And yes, this issue contributed to my need for a break from SL.  The LEA kind of took the wind out of my sails, you know?  My art partners and I talked about it a lot.  We considered giving up our sim but decided to keep going with something we love. Still, every few days I still think to myself "why am I paying tier again?"  Zachh Cale is a more patient and hard working person than I am and when the November deadline for proposals to the LEA rolled around he put in a proposal to curate one of the sims. And the LEA board, in their wisdom, gave Zachh a sim.

I think I am going to use the LEA sims as blog fodder and spend some time looking at what your tier is buying you because let's not kid ourselves.  Nothing is free in this world and your tier and my tier and every one's tier is used to fund these 20 sims.  So, stop number one on our trip?  LEA 17 - curated by my dear friend Zachh.  He invited Yooma Mayo to build the fantastically detailed over sized prim bugs for which he is known.  I took the images in this post at the Grand Opening of Yooma's "Under the Sky" exhibit on Friday night.

I love this exhibit!  Its beautiful and playful and well worth your time, as long as you are not scared of bugs several times the size of your own body.  To go see Yooma's work search for LEA on your map then scroll down to LEA17 and teleport.  You will land right in the middle of this lovely build.  Or follow this SLurl to Yooma Mayo at LEA.  Enjoy!


Dividni Shostakovich said...

Hi Chestnut,

I have somewhat similar reservations about the impact of the LEA sims (see my blog post from last October.) Already I suspect that one artist backed out of their agreement to build at Split Screen as a result of getting LEA land. And from an artist's perspective, why not? A full sim offers far more resources than a homestead (let alone the half-homestead that I own). Certainly, judging from what I've seen so far, many artists are taking full advantage of those capabilities -- there are some exceptional builds on the LEA sims. But at what point does the possibility of being granted a sim or winning a parcel from the land grab become understood as an entitlement for all artists? Along with the question of why we spend our personal money, curators have to wonder about the nature of our role, if in fact we still have one.

Chestnut Rau said...

Thanks for your comment, Dividni. I agree with every word you have said. I am still struggling with what role there is for people like us and I don't really have a good answer. I plan to enjoy what I enjoy and do what I do and hope that I figure it out in time.

Miso Susanowa said...

I'm glad both of you are more articulate & less abrasive than I am in engaging these questions.