How do you find interesting places to explore in Second Life?

I am not entirely sure why, but lately it has been hard for me to find places to go that inspire me to take photographs and wander around drinking in the atmosphere.

Now, before I unintentionally start drama by saying there is nothing to do in SL and thereby cause the downfall of Linden Lab, virtual worlds, the Internet and the end of life itself -  let me be *abundantly clear*  - I am not saying there is nothing to do in Second Life.  To the contrary, there are live music shows at any hour of the day or night, there are storytelling and poetry events, LEA offers 20 sims of art, there are galleries on sims all across the grid.  There are opportunities to role play as everything from faeries to gladiators.  Second Life has an absolute abundance of things to do, I know this to be true.

And yet?  When I log in I have a hell of a time using search and coming up with places that are not stores. When I use Koinup "coolest" places on twitter I find more stores. There are a few blogs that routinely provide links to great sims.  However, when I want to write about a new and interesting place, those sources don't help because I don't want to reiterate something others have recently showcased.

The problem I am having is not a lack of activity or a shortage of things that interest me.  My problem is connecting with new and innovative places because I don't know how to find them.

So, how do you find interesting places to explore in Second Life?  What sources do you use?


Josain said...

I've sent you an Invite to Expedition Central that might give you more choices.

Carrie Lexington said...

I've been feeling the same...

I browse Koinup to find places to explore which is a good resource if you have the time to browse through all the groups and photos. I've joined some inworld art groups which I find to be a good resource for new art builds or other places to explore. But I think my most favourite resource for finding cool places to explore is "profile hopping" - I open profiles and look in the picks for locations.

Prof. Silvia Luz said...

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Hera said...

You may find new and interesting places in SL (one of my sources, for example, are profile Picks), but nearly impossible to find "innovative" ones, as you say.

After 3 years in SL I can't see innovations - an invention that wasn't there before. When a new sim is opening, usually it turns out, its theme is the oh-so-familiar "magical forest", "post-apoc waisteland", "art installation (in a very Bryn Oh-ish style)", or I could name a few more that are also oh-so-familiar. No break out from the usual patterns or the usual activities, like hunts. I would risk to state, that the themes or the activities on the grid hasn't changed since 2008.

That's why we admit, yes, there are things to do in SL, really, but... am I interested any more?

Hacsa Karillion said...

Hello Chesnut!
I totally agree with you! I am also very passionate about discovering new places that arouse emotions in me, but every day are more rare! What I have done is to find interesting places to search old files (the year of 2007/08) and exploring again to see if there's something new. I hope this can help you too. Kisses and thanks for your tips =*

Dale Innis said...

Reading your weblog is good. :) Also Honour's. Sometimes I type random things into the map search and visit, say, a few regions whose names start with "Melon" or whatever.

Flying about randomly on mainland is good, too!

Last night a couple of us were playing with roller skates, so I typed "rink" into search, and we ended up exploring the Ruby Island sim, which was fun in a "retro build with good music and horses to ride and the occasional hidden sex-bed" way. And the builders were there to chat with too, which is always fun.

Of course I may like chaos and messes more than some people do. :) That's probably reflected in the above strategies to some extent...

fiore said...

Hi Chesnut!
I'm always exploring in SL.

I recommend this blog.

This is for Japanese,
but you can find name of sim and some pictures of sim easily.

I think that you can find the interesting place which isn't in a showcase.

Korgi Lerwick said...

Try Fotoscope Island Chestnut. Lots of things to do there as well as lots of good stuff to point a camera at!