Real Influence. I know it when I see it.

A few days ago I wrote about influence and in that post I denied wanting to influence anyone and also denied being influential in the Second Life blogosphere.  Botgirl has written two thoughtful posts in response because, well,  I apparently got her thinking.   Which is to say, I influenced her and in one simple post proved myself incorrect.


Botgirl's writing and the comments made by people in response to her post got me thinking.  Making this influence stuff come full circle.  Which is to say, I think, we are having a conversation and exchanging ideas and possibly even teaching each other a thing or two.

*pregnant pause*

Now that is the kind of influence I can wrap my arms around!  I love that across the miles and through our vastly different experiences we talk and bounce around ideas. We build a conversation through social media and our virtual lives and all of that begins to create a community.

And while I am on the subject of community, I hope you will take 20 minutes to watch this TED talk by a friend of mine. She exerts the kind of real influence that impresses me.  I think you will know her when you watch and I *know* you will be influenced by her words.



Botgirl Questi said...

Great post. I really resonate with your view of influence as conversation. And the conversation is not only between current participants, but also flows from the past and into the future. Austin Kleon describes this as "the genealogy of ideas" in his book, "Steal Like an Artist." Being influential is like acting as a supernode in a network, channeling information in and transmitting it back out.

Tateru Nino said...

I see it more simply. Everyone is an influencer. I'm influenced by every person, and every idea and every word I come into contact with. Aren't you?

Some carry more apparent weight than others, surely, but that isn't really all the time or consistently.

I don't see there being influencers just influences.

Botgirl Questi said...

Tateru, I agree that everyone influences from time to time, but there are vast differences in the degree and span of influence. But some people tend to have a wider than average range and significance of impact. It the context of SL blogs and social networks, I think of influencers as people whose words or deeds have repeatedly nudged the direction of community conversation, focused attention on topics they write about or inspired people to new thought or action.

If a tweet is posted on an empty stream and there is no one there to read it . . .