Giving in to temptation is sweet, especially when it gives you a new lease on SLife!

(photo taken in San Juan Puerto Rico last summer)

Last week I was supposed to be on a SL9B Panel discussion facilitated by the lovely Rowan Derryth.  She asked Dividni Shostakovich, Quan Lavender, my partner in Art Screamer Zachh Cale and me to talk with her about art in Second Life.  I was quite flattered to be asked to participate in a public discussion with people I respect so very much.  Honestly, I was not sure I had much of value to add but that has never stopped me before! Opinions?  I have them.

A day before the panel I logged on with Firestorm to make sure voice was working. It was fine, or so I thought.   I have been having a difficult time running SL on my computer but I figured I would not have to move during the event and it would not matter if the world looked liked grey goo for me. I just needed to be able to TP to the venue, sit and talk.  I needed to run Skype because Rowan planned to record our talk and create a podcast.  I figured I could make this work for an hour.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.  <==================the sound of the universe laughing at me.

I will not bore you with long descriptions of the two hours I spent trying various and sundry configurations, the crying and pleading with the technology gods, yelling at my son who claims tech superiority daily to show me what he can *really* do, and the cursing that would put a drunk football coach to shame.  In the end, after bowing out of participating in the panel I could not stay logged in to Second Life long enough to sit in the audience.  I was mad. Very.very.mad.

The very next day I chatted with Zha over gtalk as I browsed my laptop options on Newegg. Zha disappeared to deal with something and before she or anyone else could talk me out of it I bought this beauty.   If the universe is no longer laughing at me my new laptop and assorted other toys like a fancy pants cooling pad will arrive via UPS today.  When I get home I get to set up, back up, and update software and download new programs, including the Second Life viewer.

I will have a new lease on my SLife!  I am happy.  Very.very.happy.


I have been feeling lonely and isolated lately.  I wasn't really able to put my finger on why, particularly since my house is almost always full of people.  Granted, the people are mostly the teens who run with my children but still.

Interestingly, being surrounded by loud talkative people can make introverts like me feel more lonely and isolated than being on our own.  I am not sure if this feeling of "being alone in the crowd" is universal but I sure feel it.

Then it hit me - I have always used Second Life as a way to be social on my terms - my very introverted terms.  Since I have been unable to log in to SL I have not been as social as usual.  I thought what I was missing was SL art and music, photography and writing. Could it be what I miss most is hanging out and watching my avatar dance while I chat with friends?

Yeah. That.


Mr. Crap Mariner said...

Most jealous.

Spent almost as much, and all I got was a camera up my butt.


Ceejay Writer said...

Wow - I thought I was the only one with Voice problems... and the only one that was an 'introverted socialite' and enjoyed SL that way! This was very good to read! Best of luck with the new system!

Marx Dudek said...

Second Life: It can be your social media, or your anti-social media.

That's why I like it.