SL9B - Some words, a few pictures, a SLURL and a 5th rez day too

Birthdays are a time of reflection. What happened this year? Am I proud of what I have accomplished?   Am I happy? What are my plans for the coming year?   Or, if you are me, birthdays are a time for cake and champagne and not much thinking at all.  I am not someone who has plans or goals. I get up every day, follow my interests and see where the adventure of life takes me. So far my lack of planning and general "follow the shiny" path has served me well.

Following the shiny is exactly what I did at the "Press Preview" for the Second Live 9th Birthday or SL9B celebration today.  I will talk about the sims in a moment but first let me give you the Chestnut version of the SL9B drama, because there would not be a party in SL without some drama now would there?

Less than 2 months ago Linden Lab announced they would not provide sims for the annual Second Life birthday party and instead asked the Community to develop events on their own land. These independent events would be linked together via the Destination Guide. In true Linden Lab style, this announcement was late and made in the vaguest possible way leaving people feeling confused, upset and angry. Next, a group of smart, talented, hard working, and incredible SL residents said "forget that" and worked together under ridiculous time constraints to create one of the most fun, vibrant and alive celebrations I have seen in SL for a very long time.  Without Linden Lab's help.  The.end.

I did not have a lot of time to explore today what with the serving my husband's every need as it is Father's Day and because I am the most amazing wife/mother/cook in the whole entire universe, if my son is to be believed, which he is not because he is 13 and lies to get in my good graces so I will bake him cookies.  Which you could read about if I started the baking blog I keep contemplating but have not actually done because my kitchen is never spotless enough to photograph.  Ok, I am a bit off track here, aren't I?  Sorry.

I was able to wander the SL9B sims for a bit and plan to come back and spend a LOT more time exploring. There are art installations which FreeWee Ling blogged and graciously provided SLurls to a large number of must see exhibits.  There are educational opportunities, movies to see, games to play, friends new and old to enjoy and a surfing gorilla. There will be lots and lots and lots of live music from all genres on multiple stages across timezones. The schedule of performances will likely be a bit fluid and evolve some as these things tend to do so check for your favorites.

The SL9B sims are absolutely packed and there won't be enough time to see everything but I promise you there is plenty to keep you energized and engaged.  Teleport to SL9B via this SLurl.   You should pick up the teleport HUD and give it a try!


A word to the organizers of this event - what you have done to make this celebration happen is amazing. The logistics of coordinating the planning, sims, builds, marketing, performers, stage managers, greeters, volunteers of quite literally all shapes, sizes and species in the limited time you had available...well it is mind boggling.  I salute you and I thank you. SL9B is the best of what our virtual world is all about.

Oh and one more thing...yesterday was my 5th rez day.  I totally forgot too.  So if none of you mind I plan to pretend SL9B is all for me, ok?

Nah.  Its for you. SL9B is for you - the people of Second Life.  The party starts tomorrow so please GO and have a blast.


Carrie Lexington said...

A baking blog?! You must start this! Your kitchen doesn't have to be spotless, just take close up photos of your baked goods. Noone will ever have to know about your untidy kitchen! haha

Anyway, see you at SL9B and Happy 5th Rez Day Chestnut. <3

♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

Happy Rez Day Chestnut. :-)

I've heard a bit about the drama too but yeah it seems to have gone pretty well so far. Still have the rest of the week to explore SL9B as much as you can!

Dale Innis said...

Happy Rezday! And that cookies sentence is one of my very favorite weblog sentences ever. :)

I will have to maybe check out this "Birthday" thing. If I remember to...