Time for an Avatar Update! Help?

I have had the same basic shape since I joined Second Life in 2007.  I have tweaked it here and there a few times over the years, to be sure. Still?  My avatar has not changed much at all.  The image below is from November 2007 so you can see I am not making up this sad tale..

Most of my wardrobe is not current either.  I stopped buying clothes at least a year ago.  I have purchased a few mesh items and I never really stopped buying shoes because...well shoes are essential!  But the sad fact is my avatar is dated, my skin is dated and my clothes need a good updating as well.

I started to look at the fashionfeedof sl.com and iheartsl.com to look for fashion guidance and got overwhelmed pretty quickly.  It seems to me crazy couture, huge ballgowns, tiny slutty dresses, and weird bowlegged, frowny face street gremlins dominate the fashion blogs.  There are a ton of "events" which seem to be groups of designers marketing their creations around a theme which is a great idea but it is difficult for me to know where to begin.

I am tempted to go through my inventory and delete anything that is pre 2011, which probably is a bad idea because there are a lot of things that are sentimental.  But seriously, I am not going to wear or use a lot of that stuff ever again and I do not want to carry around an inventory of useless stuff.  I have managed to stay under 20K items for all this time and while I do want to update my avatar, I do not want to explode my inventory.

I can handle the inventory reduction part of this project.  But I honestly do not even know where to start to freshen up my avatar.  Can you please point me in the right direction?   Anyone?


Caledonia Dreamscape said...

Well skins Curio, Hush AlVulo
Maybe you need a new shape to those 3 do shapes with the skins...
Clothes there are so many beautiful designers out there I think we need to meet up and talk about this :P
kind regards Caledonia Dreamscape


Eliza Cabassoun said...

I bought a shape from Rockberry (Kalista) almost two years ago and have been wearing it ever since. As for skins, I joined the Belleza group last December and have gotten about four skins as gifts there since then. It costs L$250 to join their group, but considering the regular price of one skin there is L$2,500...it's a bargain. As for clothes, check out the FabFree blog-- http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ there are lots of regular clothes there...shirts, shorts (even mesh shorts), sundresses, etc. Check out Paris Metro every so often for some beautiful dresses that aren't prim heavy. Mayfly has some free eyes that are really pretty. Hope this helps :)

Indigo Mertel said...

I can really relate, I have the same feeling. Some of the clothes I see look really good on picture but they are really not my style.

I anyone know of a designer making nice urban casual cloths, please let me know... :)

Whiskey Day said...

I tried to update recently, and failed miserably. I tried on, literally, 30+ different skins. I wound up staying with my 3 year old Curio skin. (Incidentally, Curio is currently unavailable in SL due to a DCMA situation.)

I'm still wearing the same shape I made 5+ years ago. She was considered super short back then. I've recently made a "mesh" shape to wear only when I'm wearing mesh clothes, which seem to require less bulk and more boobs to fit.

There are some gorgeous skins out there, Ches. You just have to take time to poke around and try them on. And Marxie and I have been planning an inventory clean-out for months. We'll pull you, you can join us!

p.s. I love your skin!

Whiskey Day said...

Also, for clothing: I wear basics from Mon Tissu, Maitreya (natch), Coco (they're old but stand up to time), Fri.day (recently released some cute mesh basics), and I love Whippet and Buck. I don't want to dress like a young girl or a slut (most days) so I tend to gravitate toward simple basics. Whippet and Buck has some great pieces with enough flair to be original, but basic enough for me. :) Hope this helps!!

And also, the Marketplace has been working 100% for me lately. I use it for picking up a few things, but mostly for looking around then getting shop SLURLS to visit and shop inworld.

Lindal Kidd said...

Skins: I love LaQroki, and recently switched to them from Symphony.

Hair: Many great places, but one current favorite is Amacci. Damselfly, and Analog Dog often get my custom, too.

Shapes: Yours is fine! I made my own. If you really want to change, try tweaking this and that, but be sure to save the results as a new shape, don't lose the old you!

Fashion: Coco, Mon Tissu have been mentioned already. I like Morea Style, and they have great monthly group gifts, specials, and MM gifts. I also like Mischief for casual wear. I still miss Style Starts Here. Azul has stunning formal wear. A la Folie has some nice mesh separates, and more standard clothing too. N-Core for shoes! Bax Coen for boots!

Chestnut Rau said...

Thanks everyone!

I have been wearing Curio skins forever. I still love them but I wanted to see if there is anything else out there that feels like "me".

I appreciate the suggestions for stores! I will do some shopping this weekend.

Whiskey when you and Marx have your inventory sorting party I am down! It would be pretty funny to see what we can come up with and toss.

Willow said...

I absolutely love Pulse skins - so realistic, and there are shapes to go with; Birth is also a fave. For hair: Truth is the one for me, although there are a slew of good ones. As for clothes, I am an RFyre girl, but I also love a range of others in urban goth as well as the sweeter side of fashion at places like mon tissu. For shoes, I always loved Kalnin's and now they are teamed with Redgrave. So...have fun!

Shinigami Kayo said...

My shape I designed myself, but the rest, I am forever reinventing. Currently I am using a Drlife skin but really the fun for me is demos..lots of them. Sometimes one just sticks with you. The fun though is just trying them out and laughing how you would never be caught dead in it. Think I have collected too many skins and hair styles . If you follow my blog I regularly have pictures that show these regular changes. It is for me a way to keep things fresh and new.

ZZ BOTTOM said...

well i use the same shape and same skin (Curio's sandust fat pack) since i can remember.
And still none thinks i'm dated, lol.
So a good advise, get some nice hair, prim or mesh it does not care as long as you like it and it fit!
If you can't do barefoot by yourself, free of scripts, make sure you get one, there is nothing more hype now then being bare feet!