Oh hai der......did you miss me? SL fun returns unexpectedly

Hello my dearest friends.  I have missed you.

It feels like the whole "I have cancer" thing was just a bad dream. It *is* the worst nightmare possible, but for now I am doing just fine.  I am not required to have chemotherapy and my prognosis for a long life is good.

Having said that if one more person tells me this is a "good cancer" I cannot promise I won't be violent. There is no good cancer and when a doctor looks at you with that serious face they learn in medical school and says "It is Lymphoma" there is nothing good.

Anyway, I have a separate blog if you want to read more about what it is like to live with cancer that acts like a chronic disease.  You can read it here and I sincerely hope you will.  My posting is sporadic but funny!  I laugh in the face of cancer because really what the hell else are you going to do?


Lately I have surprised myself by logging in to Second Life a few days in a row. At first it was weird. I stood there and wondered "what the hell do I do now?"  It was like being a noob in a 5 year old body.  Quite odd, actually.

The first thing I did was find some new mesh clothes, which was interesting. The idea of having to fit my body to the clothes was a tad too RL for me.  One of my favorite things about SL has always been clothes fit.  You put them on and -- boom!  They fit.  Still, I do appreciate how mesh clothing works with my avatar so I made some tweaks and I am firmly in a mesh size medium.  I had to make my boobs bigger and my back end smaller.  What a surprise! The fashion community decided big boobs and a small ass are optimal.  Who woulda thunk it?  *insert eye roll here*

After outfitting myself in snazzy new duds I decided to have a look at the hunts running now because I have always found hunts to be a good way to find new and interesting places.  Much to my surprise I found an Art Gallery Hunt!  This is right up my alley!  I went to the starting point, snapped the picture at the top of this post and immediately opened the dusty Second Life of My Dreams dashboard and wrote this post.

I have missed you all.

The Contrasting Art Hunt - An Art Galleries Hunt
November 25 - December 25, 2012
Organized by: Yaiza Galicia, The Cube Art Gallery owner
Starting Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kincora/159/83/2530

Participating gallery owners have put up one of their own creations as hunt prize.
Hunt objects are priced 0L$, and are hidden in reasonable places (not in the sky or inside the floor).
Look for a red moon and buy it for 0L$!


Whiskey Monday said...

We have missed you too! <3

Victoria Lenoirre said...

Welcome back to SL. :)

Mesh is interesting. I have some mesh lashes that you can adjust with a hud. It's neat. It's from Gaeline.

Oooh, thanks for posting about the art hunt. I'll check it out soon!