Sometimes the best I can do is a list

As I was enjoying the quiet of the morning and thinking about blogging my mind jumped from one thing to another and then back again.  I am having trouble concentrating well enough to write but I need to dump some things from my head so I can move on.  Since a cogent post full of insight with a taste of self effacing humor is well beyond me right now I am going to revert to that old blogger trick of a list.

Linden Lab is offering discounts to a set of hand picked educational organizations.  You remember them? The very groups LL took discounts away from a while back are now being courted back to Second Life with the promise of a price benefit.  This move is being touted by the faithful as a "step in the right direction." I agree!  That is if the right direction is poorly thought out strategy, executed in secret and communicated via a leak to New World Notes instead of an actual policy statement by the Lab. Way to go! (idiots)

There is a blogger meme where people are confessing 7 things others don't know about them.  I will give it a shot.  A list within a list!  How meta.
1) I worry every day the nodes in my neck are bigger.  Living with cancer is a bitch.
2) My 16 year old daughter is beautiful and brilliant. She has a lovely singing voice.
3) My 14 year old son is a genius (no really he is -- the school people told me so, I am not just bragging.) His eyes are the color of the Caribbean and right now he aspires to be a pro League of Legends player.
4) I am still looking for work in SL that makes me excited again. I have had several offers I have turned down or been inattentive to due to health concerns and/or apathy.  I am sorry. Its me not you.
5) Since I have been over sharing here since 2007 there is nothing you don't already know.
6) I became a vegetarian in September.  Looking at meat grosses me out now.
7) I routinely write blog posts I don't publish because I so often make people upset without meaning to do so.

Taaa Daa.  (yawn)

Someone I have grown to call a friend is in the middle of medical stuff that is expected to lead to a cancer diagnosis.  I am happy to be able to help if I can because I have been down this road.  I am worried right along with my friend. This shit is hard and I hate it.

I miss my SL partner. That is a long story but it is over and done and she is no longer in world.  At least not when I am.  It is okay. Life goes on.

My husband is in England visiting his father this week. My hat is off to single parents. This week I woke my children up late for school twice. I also forgot I had to pick up my son from Technology club and I was half an hour late.  The worst mom in the world award goes to me.  You may judge me but it won't be any harder than I judge myself for my failings. Have at it.

I love my job.  I work with brilliant scientists and my boss is genuinely a wonderful person who takes time to mentor and teach. She is not afraid to be her genuine self with me and it is a privilege to work with her.  Our organization is going through some big changes and I worry that she will retire because honestly dealing with some of the executives is a challenge. If she leaves I will lose the best mentor I have had in my career.  *worry, worry.  fret, fret*

I am building out my land again. This time I am layering color and texture and thinking of it like painting.  I have no idea what I am doing but it is fun and so far I think it looks pretty.  Crap put a giant bird on my tree house and I think it is my favorite part of the build.  I need to take a bunch of pictures and share them. I will do that when I lay down the rest of the landscaping.

Please feel free to stop by if you like.  I have 120 minute auto return so photographers can rez a pose stand or props or whatever.  I love visitors so search your map for Harbour and TP over. I am on the East and Lalo Telling's land on the west. We have a small memorial out for him so if you want remember our dear friend for a moment or two that would be wonderful.


Dale Innis said...

There appears to be an .. um .. largish bird perched on your guesthouse. I hope the roof is strong...

Scott Bergman said...

#7 of your list says you don't publish some writing because people get upset with you.

Don't be afraid to be yourself and don't be afraid to publish what your thinking. It's your life and it's your blog.

I came across your blog years ago and have been reading it since, sporadically of late, but it's still one of my favorite blogs. Especially loved the first 365 project you did with a photo everyday.

Bottom line, don't worry too much about what others think.

Take care.
Savok Zaurak in SL